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EVENT DATE: 10 June 2024

Fraud, Fakery, and Deception  - 15th International Crime Science Conference 2024


Fraud is now arguably the world’s most prevalent crime type. With the advent of new technologies, fraudulent activity too has evolved. Criminal actors and organisations are utilising the new digital landscape – including deep-fake technologies – to commit new types of fraud, to spread misinformation and to commit existing crimes in ever more harmful ways. Election fraud, spear phishing, spoofed websites, DDoS attacks, data theft, impersonation scams – the list of tech-enabled fraud is varied and constantly changing.

What are the key challenges? How are those challenges being addressed?

This conference will look at current problems, responses, as well as anticipate future crimes and their mitigation. The event will cover a broad range of crimes, technologies, disciplines, and responses, and will bring together leading practitioners, policy-makers, technologists and academics. 

This event is organised by the Dawes Centre for Future Crime at UCL and tickets are available at: UCL Event Ticketing