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12 July 2024
Found - an exploration of the potential future of policing

In collaboration with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, the Office of the Police Chief Scientific Adviser have developed a speculative video to show the potential future of policing within the next 30 years.
20 June 2024
Home Office Contracts for Innovation - Knife Detection Technologies - Phase 1

The Home Office is running a Contracts for Innovation competition to develop systems capable of automatically detecting knives concealed on a person, at a distance, to be used by police forces.
3 June 2024
New Machine Learning Guide for Policing

A new resource developed by West Midlands Police in collaboration with Middlesex University, Bournemouth University and the University of Suffolk is available for forces who wish to use machine learning (ML)…
13 May 2024
Roundtable Discussion: Building Resilience in the UK’s Electromagnetic Environment

In February the Office for the Police Chief Scientific Adviser attended a two-day roundtable hosted by Cranfield University and the Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP) from the University of Cambridge.
4 March 2024
Transforming Data Collections Infrastructure for Social Science

Funding Opportunity: Transforming Data Collections Infrastructure for Social Science. Apply now to revolutionize social science research data. Themes: A) Scoping transformative infrastructure, B)…
26 February 2024
BASS24 Conference Call

CREST is inviting submissions for a three-day international conference in St Andrews (Scotland, UK). Dates:
19 February 2024
Advance Notice of College Bursary Scheme 2024

Announcement: The College of Policing will be opening its bursary scheme on Monday, 11 March 2024. Eligible officers and staff can apply for up to £4…
19 January 2024
Future data services: pilots to enhance data services for the future

Apply for ESRC funding to develop and pilot new data service delivery solutions to enable: federation of data services…
18 December 2023
Manchester Prize: open for applications

A landmark prize, awarding £1 million every year to the boldest and most cutting-edge solutions that use AI for public good.
13 December 2023
UK IC Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

These Fellowships are designed to promote unclassified basic research in areas of interest to the intelligence, security and defence communities. Apply Now … Deadline for applications 23 April 2024…
30 November 2023
Chief Constable Jeremy Vaughan appointed as Chair of National Police Chief’s Council Science and Innovation Committee

Chief Constable Jeremy Vaughan has been appointed Chair of the newly formed National Police Chiefs’ Council’s (NPCC) Science and Innovation Committee.
10 November 2023
Applications for the Responsible AI UK Network are now open

RAI UK are now inviting applications for the Responsible AI UK Partner Network. They are encouraging businesses, government agencies/policy makers…
24 October 2023
Testing For Impact - Open Grant Round

The Youth Endowment Fund exists to prevent children and young people becoming involved in violence.