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Police Science Council

The Police Science Council (PSC) is a publicly appointed, independent expert  committee. Its members bring world-leading science and social science expertise  from academic and industry. PSC is one of the ‘Scientific Advisory Councils’ of the UK government. 

PSC acts as a critical friend. It helps policing deliver the best service to the public and its workforce. It does this, for example, by providing independent, objective, and timely scientific advice to policing; by helping policing access, interpret, and apply relevant scientific knowledge from all disciplines; by advising on the balance, strength, and appropriateness of policing’s science and technology development and implementation; and by supporting the development of the science and technology professions, as well as wider ‘scientific literacy’ of science across policing.

Everyone in policing is encouraged to access  the PSC, whether it be for an independent review of a mature solution, or to help crystalise a fledgling idea. PSC members form subgroups to support policing teams.

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