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Research & Academic Engagement

Across the UK, police forces and national enablers rely on science and technology to deliver core investigative and operational capabilities, research new opportunities, challenge existing practices and innovate to create new technologies.

Research is ubiquitous in policing. From national programmes, force-led studies of local issues, to PhDs completed for personal development, research supplies evidence to inform our decisions. We will nurture ethical, problem-led research across all ranks and areas of policing.

We would like to work jointly with end users, academia, industry to ensure science and technology development is fit for purpose and has a pathway for delivery. We want to engage widely across academia to build awareness of policing challenges and catalyse a shared sense of effort. Aiming to establish research communities, creating partnerships and increase the diversity of those contributing.

We use all the sciences and social sciences, caring as much about the psychology of bystanders and leaders as we do the mathematics of forensics and data science. We want to turn knowledge into solutions that create benefit, and considers solutions that include workforce, policy, legal and public accountability that are designed to last.

We are keen to hear from you regarding your academic research, and keen to share our first Science and Technology Strategy. Please get in touch via [email protected]

College of Policing

As a national resource the College of Policing and the national police library lead policing’s efforts to access, distil and make use of research. The College Research projects map has been designed to promote collaboration in policing and crime reduction-related research.

The Map also facilitates the sharing of survey links and requests for participants which can be added at the right stage of the project. UK-based researchers carrying out professional (university, HEI) research or post-graduate programmes are invited to share short summaries of their ongoing research.

Projects can be shared via the College of Policing's online form. Randomised control trials (RCTs) can be shared via a separate RCT online form which requests additional information these projects remain on the research map and are marked as complete with links to the final reports. Each shared project has a dedicated page which can be shared via a link, this page can be updated during the life of the project. On completion of the project, research project contributors are invited to share final reports or details of published articles with the College’s National Police Library.