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Research is integral to the development and implementation of science and technology in policing. It plays a vital role in addressing both the current problems facing society and when considering and planning for future trends in criminality.

The Office of the Chief Scientific Adviser will support transparent and open research and innovation, and it will promote research integrity across the policing ecosystem through good research conduct and governance.

Policing Areas of Research Interest

To help partners understand and solve our challenges, we have published Policing’s Areas of Research Interest (ARIs). These ARIs capture priority science, technology, analysis and research challenges that, if addressed…
The Police Industry Charter

UK policing is a high-volume consumer of products and services, which are becoming increasingly science and technology focused.
Tackling Organized Exploitation E-Magazine Issue 7

This e-magazine, which is published by TOEX on a quarterly basis, provides the opportunity to share operational updates of interest, demonstrating the value added by the national and regional TOEX teams…
14 Dec 2023
POSTbrief - Artificial Intelligence: An explainer

A POSTBrief explainer on Artificial Intelligence. It describes key definitions, how AI can be used, how it works, concerns, and perceptions of AI.
Covenant for Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Policing

The Covenant for Using Artifical Intelligence (AI) in Policing sets out how policing should use AI in its business. This was endorsed by all members of the National Police Chief's Council on the 28th September 2023.
Tackling Organized Exploitation E-Magazine Issue 6

The sixth edition of the Tacking Organised Exploitation (TOEX) Programme E-Magazine.
12 Jul 2023
National Police Chiefs' Council Research Concordat 22-23

Please find the National Police Chiefs' Council’s first annual statement of compliance with the UK Government’s Research Integrity Concordat.
16 Jun 2023
Police Futures - A Taste of the Future

In collaboration with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, the Office of the Police Chief Scientific Advisers Office brings you 'Police Futures - A Taste of the Future'.
5 Apr 2023
Tackling Organized Exploitation E-Magazine Issue 5

The fifth edition of the Tacking Organised Exploitation (TOEX) Programme E-Magazine.
5 Apr 2023
Operational Testing of Facial Recognition Technology

Why test? The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and South Wales Police (SWP) tested Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).
Predicting Knife Crime: An Individual and Network-Based Approach

Can future knife crime perpetrators be predicted using administrative information already known to the police with machine learning? Reported crime data…