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in Policing

Case studies

These case studies provide an insight into the science and technology activities taking place across policing. 

Case study
Innovative Solutions For a Safer Future for Women And Girls

Violence against women and girls (VAWG) is a complex and sensitive issue, especially their safety in public spaces. The police play a vital role in protecting women and girls from violence…
Case study
Facial Recognition - Delivering More Precise Policing

Facial recognition technology has become an important tool for many police forces worldwide, including the Metropolitan Police Service (Met).
Case study
9 Jun 2023
Inside Essex Police's Battle Against Knife Violence

Knife crime is on the rise, and is presenting a large and complex challenge for police forces across the country. Instead of focusing only on investigating crime after it has occurred…
Case study
The TOEX Programme - Bringing Criminals to Justice

TOEX, the specialised programme led by Kate Thacker, takes a proactive and intelligence-led approach to policing, offering resources and expertise to help agencies tackle complex cases involving organised exploitation.
Case study
16 Aug 2023
Transforming Crime Investigation: A Digital Revolution

Processes used to collect, store and manage evidence in criminal investigations are becoming digitalised as the police harness the benefits that this represents for the workforce and for service provision.
Case study
24 Jul 2023
An Interview with Sir Anthony Finkelstein

Sir Anthony Finkelstein CBE FREng DSc MAE FCGI is a world-leading engineer and computer scientist. He is a member of the Council of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)…
Case study
3 Mar 2023
Hacking for Police

Following a collaboration between the Home Office's Accelerated Capability Environment (ACE) and the Common Mission Project…