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Explore the Police Science System

Explore the policing science system

See how technology, insight and research interconnects with the problems that policing is trying to tackle.

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Communicate across policing, industry, and academia to build awareness of policing challenges and catalyse a shared sense of effort.

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Explore science and technology threats and opportunities using horizon scanning tools, considering public support, fairness, ethics, and legal and regulatory environments.

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Prioritise using a robust process, on what science and technology we will lead, collaborate and follow; decide, based on available resources, where we will invest our efforts.

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Research using systematic, multidisciplinary investigation issues and possible solutions, to improve our knowledge.

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Innovate by working with industry and academia to turn knowledge into solutions that create benefit, such as new tools or better processes.

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Build complete solutions that encompass workforce, policy, legal and public accountability, and are designed to last.

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Source science and technology using effective commercial models. For S&T that is commercially available, this is where the journey for the solution starts.

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Deploy the solution, train people to use, operate and maintain it, ensuring there is sufficient resilience.

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Evaluate existing science and technology to drive further development, assess the value being added, and to identify and address any unintended effects.

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