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Police Industry Charter

The inaugural Police Industry Charter was signed on the 13th of March 2024 by senior leaders in policing, government and industry.

From left to right: Professor Paul Taylor, Dame Julie Kenny, CC Gavin Stephens and Lianne Deeming

The Police Industry Charter was launched to set the foundational principles upon which industry partners, whatever their product or services, together with UK policing can collectively adhere to.

The key signatories of the Charter are: 

  • Chief Constable Gavin Stephens – Chair, National Police Chiefs’ Council
  • Sir Matthew Rycroft – Permanent Secretary, Home Office
  • PCC Donna Jones – Chair, Association of Police and Crime Commissioners
  • Lianne Deeming – CEO, BlueLight Commercial
  • Professor Paul Taylor - Police Chief Scientific Adviser
  • Dame Julie Kenny – Chair, UK Security and Resilience Industry Suppliers Community

BlueLight Commercial in conjunction with NPCC, APCC, the Home Office, RISC and the Office of the Police Chief Scientific Adviser have agreed to manage and monitor the Police Industry Charter, created to set foundational principles upon which industry partners, whatever their product or service, and UK policing collectively adhere to outcomes.

We now invite suppliers to policing of all sizes, regardless of your product or service, to sign the Charter. 

Sign up to the Charter 

For more information, including FAQ's and a list of suppliers who have signed the Police Industry Charter visit BlueLight Commercial


From left to right: Dame Julie Kenny, PCC Donna Jones, Sir Matthew Rycroft and Professor Paul Taylor

The Charter purpose is to: 

  • Bring all of policing and industry closer together in strategic partnership.
  • Promote open dialogue on evolving challenges and opportunities.
  • Expand opportunities for reciprocal leadership development.
  • Increase Return On Investment for products and services developed.
  • Increase opportunities for policing to develop critical skills in collaboration with industry subject matter experts. 
  • Adopt the principle of system and product interoperability in core design principles.
  • Support policing in harnessing science and technology to create efficiency and capacity.
  • Create transparency in the police and industry relationship.
  • Support a local and national approach.
  • Encourage reciprocity to principle adherence. 


By signing the Charter the respective industry partner, and policing, agree to work to these principles and promote greater partnership working in our collective mission to deliver the highest standard of service to the public and commit to:

  1. Designing products, services, and systems on the principle of interoperability first.
  2. Adopting a Maximum Transparency by Default (MTBD) position for products and services.
  3. Supporting the professional development of practitioners and senior leaders.
  4. Supporting UK policing in delivering sustainability.
  5. Collaboration and partnership.