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Covenant for Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Policing


The rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within policing is unsurprising. The speed and accuracy that AI can bring to police processes make it an attractive way to deliver an effective and efficient service. However, the application of AI can be contentious[i]. Transparency and fairness must be at the heart of what we implement, to ensure a proportionate and responsible use that builds public confidence.


This Covenant outlines a set of principles that forces have agreed will define how it uses AI in its business. They were endorsed by all members of the National Police Chiefs’ Council on 28 September 2023. The endorsement means that all developers and users of AI within policing must give due regard to the Covenant’s principles. Whilst the implementation of these principles across policing will be an ongoing and evolving area of work, publication of our principles ensure we are acting with transparency from the outset.



[i] Christie (2021). AI in policing and security.