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PUBLISHED: 12 Jul 2023

National Police Chiefs' Council Research Concordat 22-23


Please find the National Police Chiefs' Council’s first annual statement of compliance with the UK Government’s Research Integrity Concordat. A publication which reports our current activities against the National Framework for Good Research Conduct.

The concordat is an agreed set of expectations for the conditions under which research and innovation happen, and it covers a broad range of issues that support researchers and their integrity. 

What is research integrity and why is it important?

Research integrity means upholding the highest standards in research, including legal, ethical, and professional standards; and having the right environment and processes in place to support this. Compliance with the concordat will enable policing as part of the wider government research community to meet the highest standards of research integrity. It will lead to better quality research, knowledge growth and ultimately a stronger evidence base to support decision making and serve the wider public good.  This concordat will enable the policing research community to demonstrate that they are working to the same standards as the university sector. This is the start of a journey supporting the developing of a science system for policing.