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PUBLISHED: 16 Jun 2023

Police Futures - A Taste of the Future


In collaboration with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, the Office of the Police Chief Scientific Adviser brings you 'Police Futures - A Taste of the Future'. This document has been developed to give you a look at some examples of future S&T, consider new terminology, introduce some futures methods, signpost you to useful resources and bring the future to life through stories.

Every element of modern policing is touched by developments in science and technology (S&T) and the S&T routinely used today was once considered futuristic. The pace of technological development is rapid as can be seen when we consider the way policing now manages crowds, uses body-worn equipment, employs data analysis, develops intelligence, identifies people, exploits forensic opportunities, supports victims, trains the workforce and communicates – compared to 10yrs ago. Much has changed in a relatively short period of time and we should expect the rate of technological transformation to accelerate.

The work has been developed to give you a little information about a lot of futures areas and resources where you can find out more. You should consider it the start of the conversation, a conversation we hope you will continue to have with colleagues.

To note 

The work has been developed at the lowest possible classification so that it can be shared as widely as possible. It therefore does not contain more sensitive assessment of the potential threat posed by the criminal use of S&T or indicate current policing capability.