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Policing Areas of Research Interest


Unlocking the power of science and technology for better policing performance.

To help partners understand and solve our challenges, we have published Policing’s Areas of Research Interest (ARIs). Our ARIs capture priority science, technology, analysis and research challenges that, if addressed, will in our view significantly improve policing performance. 

We have formulated these ARIs through engagement with NPCC Coordination Committees, national enablers delivering science, technology, analysis and research across forces, and our wider partners. These top-level ARIs are complemented by an emerging set of organisation-specific ARIs that capture domain needs, and include: 

If you have evidence or plan to carry out research that relates to one of our ARIs, we invite you to share that with us. For ongoing research relevant to policing and crime reduction, we encourage you to register your research on the Research projects map | College of Policing

We will use these ARIs to structure our collaboration and engagement, including with UKRI, and will publish any opportunities for funding on our website. If you are submitting a funding or grant application that aligns with one of our ARIs, we hope that referencing Policing’s ARIs will help to strengthen your case for the possible public impact of the research. 

Policing’s ARIs will also be found on the dedicated government ARI portal to support the identification of cross cutting themes of importance across multiple departments. 

We would like to thank all those who contributed to the development of Policing’s ARIs and welcome your feedback.