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PUBLISHED: 30 November 2023

Chief Constable Jeremy Vaughan appointed as Chair of National Police Chief’s Council Science and Innovation Committee


Chief Constable Jeremy Vaughan has been appointed Chair of the newly formed National Police Chiefs’ Council’s (NPCC) Science and Innovation Committee.

This appointment is a step forward in achieving the recommendations of the Police Productivity Review to create an enabling framework for forces to adopt new technology solutions.

Mr Vaughan will focus on establishing the priorities for innovation and investment for UK policing, working closely with Chief Scientific Adviser Professor Paul Taylor, connecting the new committee with regional and local delivery to co-ordinate the adoption of innovative practices across the sector.

Currently the Vice Chair of the NPCC and the National Biometrics Lead, Mr. Vaughan has described his intention to focus on evolving tech and innovation to stay ahead of emerging threats posed by criminals exploiting new technology. He reaffirmed that it is key that policing must drive forward with evolving technology and innovation responsibly and transparently.

Visit the National Police Chief’s Council for more information.

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