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Areas of Research Interest

In order to help partners understand and solve our challenges we will publish our Areas of Research Interest (ARI) here.

Further to this we will publish our ARI on the governmental website in order to support the identification of cross cutting themes of importance across multiple departments. We will review and refresh our ARI on a yearly basis. We aim to socialise the ARI widely and want to engage the community to understand views and refine our ambitions based on feedback. We will use the ARI to support UKRI, government and others align relevant funding opportunities and we will ensure that our priorities echo wider government priorities for investment, as set out in the Integrated Review and the UK Innovation Strategy. We recognise the important role we play in delivering the UK’s science superpower agenda. We will also run events and challenges around key areas, inviting industry and academia to help develop solutions.

Other national specialist policing capabilities including the Forensic Capability Network, NABIS, and NPAS, lead in their technical domain by consolidating what is known and agreeing strategic direction for research and innovation activities within their communities. They also have their own ARI which can be accessed via their websites.