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PUBLISHED: 10 November 2023

Applications for the Responsible AI UK Network are now open


RAI UK are now inviting applications for the Responsible AI UK Partner Network. 

They are encouraging businesses, government agencies/policy makers, civil society representatives and other key stakeholders to join the network to contribute to RAI UK’s strategy and delivery plan.

There are three distinct tiers of partnerships that RAI UK offers to define expectations for both RAI UK and its partners: Tier 1 Connect and participate; Tier 2 Research Collaborations; and Tier 3 Keep in Touch.

The Partner Network will seek to achieve the following and more:

  1. Offer real-world perspectives on both responsible and irresponsible applications of / approaches to AI and shape understanding of the successes and failures that lead to such outcomes.
  2. Propose case studies relating to the design, operation and applications of AI that introduce new challenges for users, organisations and society. These challenges will go beyond the purely technical elements and touch upon notions of legality, societal values and ethics.
  3. Offer opportunities for secondments (inward and outward) to share knowledge, experience and skills.
  4. Draw upon early research results to introduce responsible and trustworthy AI practices into daily work practices, governance structures, guidelines, business models, policy etc.
  5. Fund challenge-led research to address emerging or urgent industry or government concerns, focusing on multi-disciplinary research approaches.
  6. Promote, shape and share Responsible (Research and) Innovation practices developed by RAI UK and the wider AI ecosystem.
  7. Draw out toolkits and methodologies for responsible and trustworthy AI, whilst also training researchers and industry practitioners in responsible AI practices.

To find out more and apply, please visit their website: Partner Network.