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& Technology
in Policing



Project Types

We are open to funding all types of projects across policing as long as the work develops Science, Technology, Analysis and/or Research within policing.

Projects must be evidently innovative and future focused with clear science and/or technology elements, show alignment with the NPCC Science and Technology Strategy, and anticipate benefits for wider policing. Projects seeking to procure existing kit or technology, or implement something known to be effective will not be eligible. We may consider bids which continue existing projects including those previously funded by the Police STAR Fund. However, they must have a clear innovative aspect above what has been previously funded e.g. the application may seek to develop an additional capability or an evaluation outside of what has already been funded.

Eligible organisations

Individuals and teams from NPCC forces, Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs), the National Crime Agency (NCA), the College of Policing (CoP), and the Home Office (HO) are eligible to submit applications to the Police STAR Fund.

We encourage bidders to collaborate with outside partners, including Higher Education Institutions, research organisations, charities, and commercial companies, where doing so adds value. However, bids must be led and submitted by eligible organisations. If you are uncertain about your eligibility, contact [email protected] for advice.